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Revision Smart Notebook


Slide 1- An introduction to the topic of double digits. Gets the kids thinking about what they already know and what they can infer about math to come up with the answer they circle. This is the first interactive experience the kids have with the board.


Slide 2- Gives the definition of a double digit along with some examples. After giving the kids time to think, ask them to write more examples in the allotted slots for the written examples.


Slide 3- Starting with directions for the simple addition of double digits, an example is given and followed through with throughout the slide.


Slide 4- Examples for the kids to try out are in this slide. The format is the same as the example slide and is given so that the kids and construct the problem and solve it.


Slide 5- Allowing students to grasp the general concept of adding double digits, the concept of adding double digits that take more than one step to find the sum is introduced. Then the students have a chance to come up to the board to give an answer that they think is correct.


Slide 6- After giving the students a chance to try out solving the problem on their own, this slide gives instruction on how to add bigger numbers.


Slide 7- This slide allows the kids to use the directions they just learned to interact with the Smartboard  and solve the examples.


Picasso Head

Here is my much delayed picture of my Picasso head. It’s a picture of myself with all of my facial features and my scholarly attire and my artistic beret.


Glog Project

Here’s the picture of the glog I did about planting seeds for the elementary level.




Here is my popplet to help explain the different kinds of colors to children!

My New Comic Strip

This is the comic strip I’ve assembled for my ELED104A. It’s a math-inspired comic that I’ve thought up after having many years of this “finding ‘x'” joke in math classes.comicstrip1